Hello! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website!

Here's just a little bit about me. Having been a keen photographer from a young age, I started working at a professional level not long ago in 2016, following in the footsteps of my brother Adam Hills  who is a fantastic headshot photographer. Primarily, I am a session singer, a career which has kept me busy for the past 10 years. However, working in an industry which has its peaks and troughs where work is concerned, I decided to take photography more seriously to help fill in the gaps!

After looking  for a photographer to take MY photos a couple of years ago, I discovered there wasn't really anyone out there that specialised in studio portfolio shoots for session musicians. Plenty of photographers for models. actors, classical musicians, live music... but nobody who really covered the sort of shoot that a session musician needs, which is a mixture of all of the above! Being a musician myself, I started by taking pictures of my peers and colleagues to build up my portfolio. In doing this, I feel I have developed a good understanding of the images that a session musician would need when approaching potential employers/musical directors and session fixers. 

Since 2016 I have learned so much from other photographers and from just shooting and trying out new techniques and ideas. I have been lucky enough to shoot some of my favourite musicians and singers already, and look forward to working with many more!