How do I book a shoot with you?


Head over to the “contact and book” page, fill in the form with which package you’re interested in and I will get back to you with available dates.



Where and when do you shoot?


Details of the studio I use can be found on the “contact and book” page of this website. I have access to the studio mid week after 4pm and any time at the weekend. There are some odd occasions where I am able to use the studio in the week during the day on request. 


Do I have to pay a deposit?


Yes please. I take a £50 deposit, which secures the booking. I don’t book the time at the studio until I have received the deposit. If you need to cancel the session up to 5 days before you will receive the £50 back in full or I can hold onto it of you wish to rebook for another day. If you need to cancel at any time after 5 days before the shoot I will retain the deposit, simply because that is the cancellation policy of the studio. If you go ahead with the shoot with no changes, the £50 will be deducted from the final cost. I will send you an invoice for the deposit and the remainder of the shoot, and it's up to you whether you pay it all in one go, or pay the deposit and then the remainder. All I ask is that the remainder is paid before the day of the shoot. 


Should I send you any ideas I have for my shoot?


YES! Most definitely. This is really important. Its great if I can have a clear idea of what you want to get out of the shoot, that way I can start planning lighting ideas etc. You can do this by screen shotting some images and sending them in an email, or making a board on Pinterest and sending it to me (my username is torhills) then I can start planning ahead for the shoot! Doesn’t matter how random the images are! Just anything that gives me an idea of what you want to achieve. 


What should I bring with me?


Bring plenty of clothing/outfit options with you, it’s better to have too many than not enough Think casual/smart options and colour options, also any accessories (jackets, hats, glasses etc). Make sure you bring at least one thing that you KNOW you like and feel comfortable in, it’s great to try new/different looks, but there’s nothing worse than seeing pictures back and not liking any of the clothes or feeling like none of them look like YOU! Try to avoid any tops that might be similar to the colour of your skin. If you have fair hair try and avoid anything that might wash you out. Try to avoid anything with big logos or feature print, we don’t want anything to draw the attention away from you. Don’t be afraid to show off what you’ve got! Baggy clothes feel comfortable but don’t always work brilliantly on camera. If you want something baggy, maybe try and go for an off the shoulder jumper for example. 


Is there somewhere to do my hair/make up?


There is, but unless we have allowed time to do that at the studio then please arrive at the studio ready to shoot, and try to start with something fairly natural. We can build up on make up and add volume/curls/up do’s to hair as we go. 95% of people hate having their photo taken! So it’s best to start with a natural look just to get warmed up. There is a mirror for make up touch ups/changes and a rail to hang clothes. There is also an iron and ironing board. Boys, there is a sink in case you wanted to do some pictures with facial hair and some clean shaven. 


How do I get to see my pictures and choose which ones I want?


Your decision process will be done via a website called PhotoWorkflow, It's a really straightforward system that allows you to view, refine, comment on the pictures to make the process of choosing your final images easy! You simply narrow down the images into a shortlist and then when you have picked your final shots you put them into a shopping basket, and order as though you were ordering clothes on ASOS! I then am notified of your choices, edit the pictures and upload them to your account at full resolution for you to use. 


After I have picked the photos I want edited, can I have the rest of the images from the shoot to use for my own personal use?


Unfortunately this is not an option, and something that is fairly standard with most photographers and is a way of protecting our reputation. To most people some of the unedited images may still look great, however other photographers and potential clients who have knowledge of photography may think that I have poor retouching skills. Also, if I were to offer all of the photos from the shoot, it would be highly likely that nobody would ever order any extra retouches, and this could be seen as a way of undercutting other photographers.